Tata Pravesh

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About Tata Pravesh

Tata Pravesh has introduced a revolutionary range of steel doors to keep your loved ones safe and secure. These doors are made to be durable, secure, long lasting, termite proof, fire resistant as well as environment friendly. At the same time, they are aesthetically suited for both residential and commercial spaces as they combine the strength of steel with elegance of wood.

Gone are the days when one was hassled with choosing wood for the door, getting measurements, selecting the design and then paying for the wood, polish, delivery, installation and collapsible gate for additional security. Tata Pravesh is one stop off the shelf solution that provides convenience. Just choose the product, provide measurement and leave the rest on Tata Pravesh executives and installation experts. What’s more, there are 35 beautiful designs to choose from.

Commercial Doors
Residential Doors

Do wooden doors have these benefits?


Tata Pravesh doors are 4 times more secure than wooden doors*

Value for Money

Superior products at reasonable prices


Since Tata Pravesh doors are made of steel they automatically resist fire

Environment Friendly

Every 2 Tata Pravesh doors save a tree.


High quality of steel lasts long and endures every weather condition


Tata Pravesh doors are made of steel which is naturally resistant to termites

High Quality Finish

The finish of Tata Pravesh doors is 12 times superior to wooden doors*

35 designs to choose from

Wide array of styles that enhances every modern home decor


Tata Pravesh doors are7 times more resistant to warpage than wooden doors*


Tata Pravesh doors have 5 years warranty on paint and polish on wooden doors* fade away in 2-3 years